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Organizations have a comfort zone that can be expressed in their mission statements as well as influenced by the financial need to survive.

The movement to reduce greenhouse gas production needs to increase.

Over a period of about one year, I wrote twice to each organization; here’s the second email:

“I wrote late last year regarding a request for your organization to include in your mission statement one sentence, something like “Our organization takes actions that will reduce the production of greenhouse gasses.”
Why? Missions have a way of trickling down to membership and others. There’s more:
I would greatly appreciate if you could let me know you received this email (I’ll take you off my list!). I am writing to over 450 NGOs, one at a time, from my home; I am
trying to keep track.
Feedback is very much appreciated.
Alan Pakaln”

This is a one-person effort by Alan Pakaln