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Forgive the intrusion – I do not represent an environmental organization; I’m a lone actor who very recently realized that – damn – it is real, it is happening – global crisis. And along with that, the feeling that I should get out of my comfort zone – take a new look at my life and expectations of what a “good life” means going forward. I have volunteered for EOs, donated time and money, and have some personal insight into that world. Organizations have a comfort zone too. It can be expressed in their mission statements and be influenced by the financial need to survive – everyone needs to make a living. If time is running out, the movement to reduce greenhouse gas production needs to shift beyond comfort. You know it; now I know it.
Alan Pakaln, August 2022

As the effects of global warming become increasingly apparent (even more than they are now), the importance of community life and the need to effectively network resources will also become more apparent – see