More citizens and NGOs of the world need to agree:
It’s the greenhouse gasses.


Global warming is predicted to cause even greater havoc on a global scale – if we don’t act soon. The prudent thing to do is to address the main cause – greenhouse gas production – ASAP. But there is resistance to doing this.

It is possible to understand why the idea of individuals saving a whole planet may sound absurd, or at the least feel overwhelming: addressing the causes of global warming does mean big change. That is why people look to government, business, and institutions to provide solutions – things like home lighting, efficient appliances, electric vehicles, solar panels, heat pumps, etc. These have allowed individuals, at a modest inconvenience, to participate in saving the planet.

However, these actions aren’t enough. If humans don’t stop producing greenhouse gases, by itself, consumer actions will fail to save us.

A fork in the road

World populations are stuck at a fork: take action that dramatically reduces greenhouse gas production now, or ride out the consequences.

NGOs can be stuck too. is an open letter. Many NGOs are very aware of this crisis situation and struggle with finding solutions. Sometimes the thing to do when faced with a struggle is to take a new look at the resources you already have.

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